Content writer at Grow Your Own Magazine

I started a new full time writing role at Grow Your Own Magazine in January 2021. I’m delighted to have found a new writing position in such a thriving industry, especially given the current strain on the jobs market.

Interest in gardening skyrocketed across the UK during 2020 and into 2021 – largely thanks to Covid lockdowns. Homebase recorded a remarkable 308% increase in searches for garden furniture on its website, showing that Brits are more eager than ever to get to work in their gardens. It’s a fantastic time to get involved with the horticulture industry and it’s satisfying to be contributing to a magazine that helps people to get closer to nature.

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Diverse journalistic experiences with The National Student

I’ve always enjoyed contributing to The National Student (TNS). Having been both their sports and tech editor, at different stages, I have a lot of experience of working alongside the TNS team and catering to their readership. The fantastic thing about writing for TNS was the wide variety of opportunities to write on different subjects.

I’ve written for TNS on everything from Buddhist robots to golf, via a live review of rap pioneers, The Sugarhill Gang. It’s made me a better writer and, importantly, a more flexible writer. Here is a selection of pieces on varying subjects that I have written for TNS…

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