A prediction I’m proud of (and one I’m not)

No one was backing Tony Bellew before his first fight with David Haye but I was confident that the bookmakers had got it wrong. I wrote this piece on Bellew’s chances and am proud, in retrospect, that I went against the tide of Haye support to write the piece.

Sure, I’ve got plenty of predictions wrong too, like any sports writer. (I recently thought Frankie Gavin might have half a chance for the European title and that was, admittedly, a terrible call!) This is a well reasoned, well-researched prediction that I’m proud of though.

Good call- FULL ARTICLE LINK: http://www.thenationalstudent.com/Sport/2017-02-23/tony_bellew_can_beat_david_haye.html

Bad call- FULL ARTICLE LINK: https://welovebetting.co.uk/2018/11/boxing-funtime-frankie-can-upset-the-odds-in-bilbao/

Boxing gloves

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