“It’s time you watched” with Screen Robot

Here’s another pair of my contributions to Screen Robot. Two pieces in their series ‘It’s Time You Watched…’ which argued the case of a television series you might have overlooked.

Firstly, Ripping Yarns was an underappreciated comedy series from the makers of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It’s relatively little known and well worth a look.

READ THE FULL RIPPING YARNS ARTICLE HERE: https://screenrobot.com/time-watched-ripping-yarns/


Secondly, the BBC’s Ashes to Ashes. Keeley Hawes and Philip Glenister shine in a portrayal of 1980’s policing in London. There’s also a Sci-Fi element as Hawes’ character is taken back in time, from her role as a detective in contemporary London, to the 80’s.

READ THE FULL ASHES TO ASHES ARTICLE HERE: https://screenrobot.com/time-watched-ashes-ashes/


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