About This Page:

GeorgeStorrJournalism.com is here to serve as a portfolio site, bringing together my writing from a variety of sites and publications.

There is also a variety of multimedia content and a contact form. Alternatively, if you want to contact me more directly please email G.Storr@live.co.uk.

So far this portfolio site includes contributions to the following sites, publications and channels:

  • Boxing News
  • Grow Your Own Magazine
  • Boxing Social
  • The Radio Times
  • The Scotsman
  • Trusted Reviews
  • World Boxing News
  • The American Magazine
  • Southpaw Jab
  • Maverick Film (Founder and Editor)
  • The National Student (Former Sports Editor, Tech Editor)
  • Hellraiser Boxing
  • 5W Football
  • EUTV (Sports Producer)
  • Boxing Insider
  • Screen Robot
  • Debut Careers
  • The Student
  • Forge Press
  • Bedsit Cinema

I also have experience of live radio broadcasts on Drystone Radio and Freshair.org as well as presenting a podcast on boxing for Southpaw Jab.

Featured post

Content writer at Grow Your Own Magazine

I started a new full time writing role at Grow Your Own Magazine in January 2021. I’m delighted to have found a new writing position in such a thriving industry, especially given the current strain on the jobs market.

Interest in gardening skyrocketed across the UK during 2020 and into 2021 – largely thanks to Covid lockdowns. Homebase recorded a remarkable 308% increase in searches for garden furniture on its website, showing that Brits are more eager than ever to get to work in their gardens. It’s a fantastic time to get involved with the horticulture industry and it’s satisfying to be contributing to a magazine that helps people to get closer to nature.

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BBC Worldwide Interview of the Year

This is an older post, but I’m keeping it pinned up here because it’s something I’m proud of. I picked up two awards at the 2019 Magazine Academy Awards, winning BBC Worldwide Interview of the Year and receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ classification in another category, Best Sports Feature. 

More information is available on this page, as well as links to the articles in question.

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An interview with Peaky Blinders star Sam Neill

This is very much a belated post, but I recently rediscovered an interview I conducted last year with Sam Neill, star of Peaky Blinders and Jurassic Park. I thought it was well worth adding to my portfolio site, even after a hefty delay. 

It was fantastic to meet and chat to Sam in a hotel in London’s Covent Garden. He spoke at length on a passion-project documentary he had been filming: Captain Cook’s Pacific with Sam Neill.

The screen veteran also spoke candidly about his role in Peaky Blinders and my two articles, covering both conversations, were published on the Radio Times website. They are linked below:


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